Always Swimming Upstream — Being an Artist in a Chaotic World

Just an interdisciplinary artist exploring the world and thinking strange thoughts…

Life as an Interdisciplinary Artist

I am fascinated by the world around me. There are far too many things to learn, too many books to read, too many people to talk to and too much art to make for a single lifetime… let’s hope we all get more than one go-round!

I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere. I’d rather dance than just about anything. I lean left. And closest I can tell, I’m a Humanist. Or maybe Buddhist… or maybe…

Justice and mercy weigh equally in my heart – a delicate, unquiet balance that keeps me on my toes.

My mother taught me to sew when I was 4. My dad taught me to use powertools when I was 6.

As an interdisciplinary artist I examine possibilities. I study the connections between art and life, context and concept, inspiration and artifact, design and message. I weave together my understandings, experiences and involvements into a fabric for my artwork. I spin the threads of my ever-changing awareness of ecology, history, sociology, archeology, anthropology, earth science, gender & feminism, transcendence, music, science fiction, politics, mass media, workplace milieu and domestic life into rich material for art and design.

All artwork and photographs are my own unless otherwise noted.