Lately, at the edge of sleep, I’ve been having these almost-lucid-dreaming thoughts. Short, and I mean really short, stories come to mind, tiny vignettes – nano novels…

I’ve decided to commit them to memory – or at least the Note app on my phone (which doubles as my alarm clock and is therefore right at hand) – and to share them.

So here is Nano Novel #1

She could smell him. He had a distinct unkempt odor about him – an oily, salty smell like movie theater popcorn that had gone slightly rancid – not particularly unpleasant but definitely not pleasant either. She was pretty sure it was him, not the neighborhood stray dog that sat at his side this morning, that smelled so distinctly.

Slumped against the stone wall that bordered the beach, he didn’t open his eyes as she thumped by on her morning run, didn’t recognize or acknowledge her presence at all, and for that she was both relieved and annoyed.

The dog, though, raised its head and thumped its tail against the sand in a subdued, but comradely greeting that left her feeling oddly lighter and well-mended.

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