Disclaimer: I don’t own this agate, and it’s been a couple months since I saw it, so I’m writing from the photos and from memory. I’m not sure of the weight, other than I know it weighs more than one pound. I found this NFS agate at my favorite rock and fossil shop — ZRS Fossils and Gifts.

I’m not sure exactly what kind of Lake Superior Agate this is. It most resembles a floater agate, but it has one end which has banding that encircles a different axis. It’s almost like the agate was seized in two hands and bent in half.

It’s a large agate, easily filling the palm of my hand and then some. It weighs more than a pound, which makes it a 1 in 10,000 find. I don’t know where it was found.

Large (1lb+) Lake Superior Agate with macro-crystalline quartz bands. strong vibrant color banding, and an interesting inclusion or gravitational banded section.

Most likely a floater agate.

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