Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary artist I examine possibilities. I study the connections between art and life, context and concept, inspiration and artifact, design and message. I weave together my understandings, experiences and involvements into a fabric for my artwork. I spin the threads of my ever-changing awareness of ecology, history, sociology, archaeology, anthropology, earth science, gender & feminism, transcendence, music, science fiction, politics, mass media, workplace milieu and domestic life into rich material for art and design.

I have worked to bring my artistic life – my practice as a visual artist – into balance with my professional life as a digital media designer, director of web development and instructor.

I am intrigued by process. Process is the journey; the work created, the destination – both are valuable but our world tends to aim our focus towards the product… I believe in examining the process as well.

I am intrigued by the idea of Inspiration. It is important to recognize the influences that inform (and the distractions that confound) our awareness. I believe in taking nothing at face value – all concepts and ideas must be examined; all standards, guidelines and benchmarks questioned. Good design/art is not just a reiteration of what has come before, but rather a synthesis of the relationship between experience and experimentation, between intuition and inspiration, between passion and expression.

I create digital and interactive work with an eye towards elegant design. By elegant I am referring to the solution rather than a particular aesthetic… the appropriateness of the form and function to the message it needs to carry.

I create mosaics using stone, glass and found objects. I paint with encaustic paints, making some of my own paint from the beeswax from my partner’s beehives. I work with fiber and fabrics, spinning wool, weaving tapestries, embroidering, quilting and sculpting with fabric and fibers. The connecting thread in my visual art practice – the context I work from – is a deep respect and passion for antiquities, for the mystery of the ancient world. The essence of my praxis is deeply rooted in techniques and methods that are thousands of years old.

I make stories with words and images and materials, looking for ways to stir the imagination, to rouse the soul, to ignite the passions, to engage the intellect, to create dialogue. I constantly look to blur the line between art and craft – a line that I see as a historically arbitrary social construction. I believe in questioning the status quo. Every single day…

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