Commissioning Artwork

Before the Work Begins

When you commission a mosaic or other art from me we start with a conversation…

  1. If you want a mosaic, do you want wall art, sculpture art or an installation?
    In most cases, installations become a permanent part of the architecture where they are installed.
    (if not a mosaic the remaining questions still need to be considered)
  2. What size are you looking for, and what level of detail?
    (can affect cost and time to finish)
  3. Do you have a particular budget in mind?
    (often determines size of work and materials used)
  4. Do you have a general idea as to style, subject matter, color, etc?

If the commission will be an installation or mosaic we will also need to talk about location – will it be an indoor or outdoor installation? And substrate – what surface will the mosaic rest on?

Once these details are resolved, we prepare a written agreement with all the specifics and begin work on the preliminary artwork, coordinating with you until it’s exactly as you want it. For mosaics and larger sculptures, I prepare colorized versions which will be then scaled up into full sized patterns. I send photos of the work at various stages along the way if you are not local, for your approval so there are no surprises. If you are within driving distance we can set up appointments for you to review. If the work is to be installed on a base at my studio, it will be shipped to you upon completion of the agreement via an agreed upon carrier. If it is to be installed onsite, I can either do that or send detailed instructions for your installer.


Mosaics and sculptures can be very labor intensive to create. The time it takes will depend upon my current schedule and how large and/or detailed the project is. An average time to create, install and frame a piece of our mosaic artwork measuring five square feet in size is approximately six weeks after the design is approved.

Books and paintings (and some small mosaics and sculptures) can be done more quickly. A book or painting can usually be completed within one to two weeks, once all the materials are gathered.

Design & Pricing


For mosaic and sculpture projects, I work with the client to develop the initial idea. Once the concept drawings are finalized they are used to create a full-scale drawing that is then used as a pattern for the mosaic.

The cost of a mosaic or sculpture depends most of all upon the level of detail (greater detail generally involves additional labor), and materials used. Materials influence price in two distinct ways – the cost of the material itself and the labor required execute a mosaic with the particular material (some materials involve more labor).

Other considerations for pricing

  • Method of application
  • Interior or Exterior
  • Installation
  • Schedule/Lead time

Drawings/Paintings and Small Mosaics/Sculptures

These commissions usually are much simpler to plan and create, and generally cost much less. Labor and materials are still the main determiners of the final cost.

Once the Work is Complete


Large mosaics may need to be shipped by truck (rather than UPS or USPS).

If a mosaic is large, it may be shipped to your site in sections coded for installation, with a detailed schematic for installation. I can either travel to your site (preferred) and install it/work with your installer, or send full instructions for your installation professional.

A large sculpture must be crated for shipping and almost always needs to be shipped by rail or truck.

Other artwork (paintings, drawings, books, small mosaics or sculptures) can be packaged and sent via UPS or USPS.

Shipping costs are prepaid unless a special deal is arranged ahead of time.


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