Encaustic -- Garden 1

Additional Information

Encaustic paintings are sold as:

  • Unframed and unmounted — as is, just the painting
  • Mounted — mounted on acid-free, white mat board at least 2″ larger than painting on each side; ready for framing; can be flush mounted (for frames with glass) or raised mounted (for no-glass frames); extra cost for recessed mounting**
  • Framed — black frame, no glass, dimensional mounting (encaustic is raised above mat board)
  • Framed  — black frame, with glass**


14″w X 11″h
Unframed — $35.00
Mounted — $65.00
Framed — $105.00

Handmade encaustic paints, handmade untrimmed paper

*See additional information below for pricing explanations


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