Mosaics -- Ghost Fish #1

The Ghost Fish series came from two distinct inspirations… the first was a dead, sun-bleached fish, at the edge of the river that had had its eye removed, probably by one of the persistent seagulls that were flapping about. Emerald reached down and dropped a red rock in the empty eye socket so the fish could see again in the netherworld.

The ghost fish lay unquiet in my mind for a few years. I knew I wanted to do something with the idea of ghost fish, but I wasn’t sure what. Christmas 2014 we invited everyone to come to our house instead of us flying to Vegas. During that time I invited Joel to make a mosaic. He made one that used glass, fossils and stone, including some slabs of chalcedony that I had recently sliced. His piece ended up looking something like a fish and suddenly I knew what the Ghost Fish wanted me to do.


12″w X 6″h

Fossils, glass, stone, fish bones.


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